Monday, October 3, 2016

Drift (2000)

Director: Quentin Lee

Stars: Reggie Lee, Andy Steinlen, Jonathon Roessler

At his agent's party, Ryan, a young screenwriter, and Joel, Ryan's boyfriend, meet Leo, an aspiring novelist and a college student. During an intense conversation about serial killers, Ryan feels viscerally connected to Leo as if everyone in the party has vanished. Out on a limb, Ryan leaves Joel's apartment on the fateful morning and drifts into three different possibilities of a love triangle.

The character of Ryan is a total mess. He wants it all, but he does not want to have to give up on anything. He is a very selfish person that does not really know what he wants in life at all. I mean, how could you break up with someone on your anniversary? That is the biggest dick move that there is. Ryan deserved what he got out of the deal. And what about the Leo character? He was a loser himself. He was not honest, and he put on an act. He sucked. This movie was kind of flat. The story has been told better. This time around it was just flat with crappy characters. You did not have any sympathy for any of them. They all seemed like they were up to something bad in a way.

This is a movie that I would skip, unless you know people that are acting this way. You can see how the situations may all turn out, but other than that, this movie is not worth the time. I watched, so you don't have to.
Drift (2000) Trailer

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