Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bedrooms and Hallways (1998)

Director: Rose Troche

Stars: Kevin McKidd, Julie Graham, Simon Callow, Tom Hollander, Hugo Weaving

Impish Darren urges lonely Leo to get a more active social life, as does neighbor Angie. When friend Adam gets Leo to join the therapy group run by New Age-styled guru Keith, Leo meets good-looking Irishman Brendan, who's just ending a lengthy relationship with his business partner, Sally. Sally just happens to be Leo's high-school sweetheart. It's not long before Leo and Brendan pair off. All the while, Darren is hooking up with his boyfriend Jeremy, the realtor, in places he is trying to sell.

There is so much going on in this movie, but it is not a bad thing at all. It does not make the story confusing in any way. All of the commotion keeps you interested in what is going on in the movie. You have three different situation happening in the story, but they are not separate from one another.
The main story is Leo in this ridiculous men's support group where he meets Brendan that is spit up with his wife, but not yet divorced from her. You can just in all of Brendan's looks and body language that he wants Leo. He wants Leo to his first man. There are just so many scenes where you can just tell what is going to happen just by a look. It was good work by the actors.

Tom Hollander and Hugo Weaving are playing lovers in this movie. They worked so well together that you could almost see the two of them as a real couple. I loved their scenes together. They were both so naughty, but you still rooted for them. There are still smaller stories that mix these two other stories with one another.

Some of the best scenes were dealing with the men's group. These men are just screwed up, since some of them are just discovering that they are gay for the first time. Groups like this are odd to begin with. They are made up of just absolutely lost men that do not know how to open up about their feeling and be honest about how they are. These men are nothing but screwed up. The group was needed to add some conflicts with the characters to bring some of them closer to one another.

The acting and the cast are great in this movie. I'm a fan of these actors. They hardly ever disappoint in a movie. It made this movie a hit for me. The story for the movie is good, and a story that can last a long life. If you have not seen this movie, then you need to do so. It is so worth it. Enjoy.

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