Friday, September 30, 2016

Cut Sleeve Boys (2006)

Director: Ray Yeung

Stars: Chowee Leow, Steven Lim, Gareth Rhys Davis

Two British Chinese gay men decides to re-examine their lives following a death of their friend. Mel sleeps around whilst rejecting the love of Todd and Ash decides to cross dress to find his knight in shining armor.

I was really surprised by how good this movie was. This is a movie about two best friends looking for love and a more fulfilling life after the death of their friend. Ash was just for the most butch man that he can find. He just had a bit of an identity issue of his own. Mel just want to have sex with hot guys, and he cannot deal with himself getting older. He could not just deal with one man. He wanted all of them to himself. He was not comfortable with himself. They were both the biggest queens. They are both looking for something that does not exist in the real world. It is only in our heads. You get to watch these two characters develop into better men. It was a great story.

The entire cast made this movie work so well. The actors made it seem like you were watching their real lives unfolding right before your eyes. It all work so well together. The movie played out like many British gay movies. The story is good, and the actors were good. The set and backgrounds were not too gay. They all fit each character properly without being over done.

You get to watched these characters mature in a way, and they show their love for one another. This may be a hard movie to find a copy. If you can find a way to watch it, then I recommend that you see it. It is a good movie. Enjoy.

Cut Sleeve Boys (2006) Trailer

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