Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Boulevard (2014)

Director: Dito Montiel

Stars: Robin Williams, Roberto Aguire, Kathy Baker, Bob Odenkirk

Nolan Mack is sixty. Married to Joy, a charming and intelligent woman, friend to Winston, a bright literature professor, and well-regarded in the bank where he works, Noland leads a quiet uneventful life. But is he happy, as his superior at the bank once asks him...? One night, as he drives back home, he nearly runs into a gay hooker. Sorry for what might have happened, Nolan starts a conversation with the young man named Leo and ends up in a hotel room. Not for paid sex as Leo expects though. In fact, the polished old man has fallen in love with the raw prostitute. For, having been gay since the age of twelve, Nolan has never been able to express his sexual orientation and Leo happens to crystallize all his feelings and desires.

This was a surprising good movie. It had a great story that is real today. There are still so many people that live hidden in the closet today. They are still too scare to come out, or they just have too much to risk. The trouble is still real. This movie plays out just one of the thousands of stories from closeted people. It showed how it can and will one day screw up your life.

This movie has a good cast. I love that Robin Williams played these type of roles before his death. He got more into small more dramatic movie that had meaning. He could have done nothing but the big budget movies that he has done a lot of in his career. He is so much more than just a funny man.

This was an interesting movie. I would recommend people to watch it at least once. I really do not think that it is a rewatcher, but it is worth watching once. Enjoy.
Boulevard (2014) Trailer

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