Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Very Natural Thing (1974)

Director: Christopher Larkin

Stars: Robert McLane, Curt Gareth, Bo White

A poignant romantic drama examines the life of gay 26 year old, ex-monk, school teacher living in Manhattan. When he meets a man at a gay bar, they connect and are soon living together. Unfortunately their views on monogamy don't match.

Now in today's world, this movie is so out dated that it is not even funny. When you look at when this movie was made, this was a groundbreaking movie than went nowhere outside of the gay community. The idea of making a gay feature film was unheard of in the 70's. Even in New York City, there was only a small percentage of men and women that lived their lives openly gay. Now you have this movie trying to be released to the masses showing how gay men really live their life in the mid 70's.

To watch this movie now, it plays very slow and boring. The pace is at a turtle's crawl. The movie gave an honest look at the life of gay men in NYC. Some would think a too honest look. In part of the movie it showed gay men as too sleazy. For that time period, you got sex where ever you could.

For an older gay man that remembers fondly this by gone era, this movie could be a walk down memory lane. The modern gay audience would find this movie  tried and dull. That is just my opinion. I still thought the movie was interesting, but not that good. Enjoy.

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