Monday, August 22, 2016

Third Man Out (2005)

Director: Ron Oliver

Stars: Chad Allen, Sebastian Spence, Jack Wetherall, Woody Jeffreys, Sean Young

Donald Strachey's claim to fame is being the only openly gay private investigator in the Albany area. He is married to Tim Callahan, the aide to Democratic senator, Dianne Glassman. Because of the expensive house renovations Donald and Tim are going through, Donald reluctantly takes the case of John Rutka, a gay advocate, who is hated by homophobes for being so vocally gay, and by many gays, such as Donald and Tim, because he, through his website, outs gays who want to stay in the closet. The higher the profile of his targets, the better he feels he is advancing the gay cause. John was shot in his own home by an unknown assailant, while his boyfriend Eddie Santon was home with him. John wants Donald to find out and nab who shot him, before the perpetrator finishes the job. They believe that the shooter is probably working for one of the many he is investigating as possibly being gay.

This is a review of the movie and not the book. It took a pay satellite channel to bring us a more positive gay storyline that is not filled with sex and camp. That all is beginning to get old. We finally got an honest good gay lead role on a network that is not sleeping with every man that he sees or doing tons of drugs or being the stereotypical sissy character. He is a man that is "married" to another man.

The story is somewhat controversial, about outing closeted gay men. I am on the fence about the subject, but how it is played out in the movie, it seems to be more worthy than you would think. There really is a person that has a website that out politicians. The story is partly true.

The acting is fair. It is not good by any means. This is what many gay actors go to keep on working. There are not too many roles out there for gay actors. They take what they can get. If they are not that great at their craft, then they just have to turn to indie gay movies to keep working. It is sad really.

I really did like this movie. I am a fan of old detective movie, and this movie tips its hat to that era. It has a great story with a gay positive feeling throughout the whole story. Enjoy.

Third Man Out (2005) Trailer

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