Friday, August 26, 2016

Shock to the System (2006)

Director: Ron Oliver

Stars: Chad Allen, Sebastian Spence, Michael Woods, Daryl Shuttleworth, Morgan Fairchild, Nelson Wong

Because of a feature article on him in the Advocate, Albany based Donald Strachey has gained some notoriety as a gay private detective. His latest client, Paul Hale, a scared young man, provides Donald with a $5,000 retainer to find "someone", that person unspecified before Paul is scared off. Soon thereafter, Paul is found dead. The official cause of death is deemed suicide by the coroner's office, but Donald wants to do right by Paul by finding who killed him as the police unofficially believe he was murdered. Another person who believes Paul was murdered is his mother, Phyllis Hale. Donald learns that homophobic Mrs. Hale sent Paul to the Phoenix Foundation, run by Dr. Trevor Cornell and his wife Lynn Cornell and for which Paul was the poster child. The Foundation is there to help people turn from gay to straight. Donald believes Paul's death has something to do with the Foundation.

Now this being the second movie of the Donald Strachey series, we get to see his take on conversation therapy and another couple of murder victims. It is a bit hard to believe that those type of places were even in business. That there are these idiots that really think that you can turn gay people straight. That is still the most stupid idiotic thing that has ever been said. Who really thinks that it could really happen? Who is that lame?

The production of this movie was up. The cast was better and a hotter. In this movie, you get to see male frontal nudity. That is mainly something you only get to see in a gay movie. Isn't that a downright shame.

The best part of the movie, besides the nudity, is that you get to see Morgan Fairchild in another gay movie. I mean her fan base is mostly gay men now. He acting is what it always was, good bad. Her face looks as though it is going to start to crack or completely break apart if she moves to fast or smiles too much. That face is tight. We still love her though.

Like I have said before, I love these movies. I could never give them a bad review. It is just so hard to find good detective movies any more. Enjoy.

Shock to the System (2006) Trailer

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