Thursday, June 16, 2016

Monster Man (2003)

Director: Michael Davis

Stars: Eric Jungmann, Justin Urich, Aimee Brooks

Pals Adam and Harley take a break from their road trip and stop at a country bar. Harley accidentally mocks the locals, and, as the two leave, they're chased by a freakish man in a monster truck. The buddies drive for their lives but make time to pick up cute hitcher Sarah. As the crazed driver runs down whoever gets in his way, the three seek refuge in a backwoods diner. Unfortunately, it serves human flesh, and the madness and gore continue.

This movie was like a trying to be funny buddy road movie with a horror killer stalker side to it. The pairing of the two guys is a bit much. I do not think they would be friends at all. Adam is way too uptight to deal at all with the crap that Harley pulls on him. Those are two personalities that would do nothing but crash in a horrible way. Adam would end up in jail for murdering him one day.

The actual plot of the movie was not bad at all. I just wish it would have been more serious. It would have been better , if it was this sick and twisted sexual and torturous trap for these young guys, but it was more worried about the Harley character being a jackass. He was the biggest jackass, and the other guy was just too much to deal with. They both sucked, and neither one of them would have driven that car.

This is not a good movie nor a bad one either. It is just kind of there. It was maybe worth seeing once, but it was mostly to make fun of it. This is not really a movie to seek out. The acting is bad in this one. Watch it once, but do not go out of your way for it. Enjoy.

Monster Man (2003) Trailer

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