Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Bridge (2006)

Director: Eric Steel

Stars: Eric Geleynse, Chris Brown, Susan Ginwalla

People suffer largely unnoticed while the rest of the world goes about its business. This is a documentary exploration of the mythic beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge, the most popular suicide destination in the world, and those drawn by its call. Steel and his crew filmed the bridge during daylight hours from two separate locations for all of 2004, recording most of the two dozen deaths in that year (and preventing several others). They also taped interviews with friends, families and witnesses, who recount in sorrowful detail stories of struggles with depression, substance abuse and mental illness. Raises questions about suicide, mental illness and civic responsibility as well as the filmmaker's relationship to his fraught and complicated material.

This was a depressing documentary to watch. You get to hear how down and out some of these people were. If they were not there then, you get to hear stories from the loved ones left behind. That sounds uplifting, doesn't it?  You get to see footage of some people jumping off a bridge and plunging to their death in the icy water below. Sounds fun doesn't it? Something you want to share with the whole family, if you are sick and twisted. This was hard to watch.

I just could not image filming these scenes, and just sitting there watching it all happen. You have to really be passionate about making this documentary to go through that. I know that they saved some of the people. I would want to beg each person not to do and not have a film made.

That all being said. It was a very interesting movie. It was very well made. The filmmakers know their art and material. This is something to watch to really enjoy life again. Enjoy.

The Bridge (2006) Trailer

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