Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bear Nation (2010)

Director: Malcolm Ingram

Star: Douglas Langway, Kevin Smith, Bob Mould

Malcolm Ingram introduces us to gay men who dig big dudes who are stockier and hairier than the airbrushed ideal served by up lifestyle magazines and underwear ads. From 'bear runs', the circuit parties of the ursine, to men proudly accepting their own, Bear Nation proves love really does come in all shapes and sizes.

This was pretty interesting to watch. It does not cover everything about the Bear community, but it touches on several parts of it. There is just too much to cover in one documentary. There has been a lot of bad reviews about this, but I just did not see it as bad. There was some explanation about the Bear community. There just was not detailed information about every single aspect of it. It just would be very hard and very long movie that not too many would want to see. It would be a bit boring.

Malcolm Ingram got his friend Kevin Smith to be included in the documentary. Smith is a huge supporter of the LGBT community in all areas. He is a great ally for the community. Bob Mould was interviewed for the documentary. If you do not know who he is, he was in the band Husker Du and Sugar. Check them both out. The rest of the people interviews were entertaining and fun to watch. There was nothing offensive about anything that was say at all.

If you see this on Logo or on Netfilx, you may want to give it a chance. It will change your life, but you may see something that you like. Enjoy.

Bear Nation (2010) Trailer

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