Friday, May 13, 2016

Bad Taste (1987)

Director: Peter Jackson

Stars: Terry Potter, Pete O'Herne, Craig Smith, Peter Jackson

Derek and his friends must investigate the missing people in a small village. Then they find out its human formed aliens that are really big headed monsters that used all the people in the small village into their snack burgers. Now, Derek must save the day and the world with his chainsaw before the meat eaters strikes the whole planet.

For this movie to be one of Peter Jackson's first movies, it is not that bad. He did not have all that is offered in Hollywood, so the production was not the best. He did his best, and I have respect for that.
The acting was not the best that I had seen. The story was a bit weak. It just could have been more to it. What made this movie a bit of a cult hit was the makeup and special effects. The blood and gore made this movie an underground hit long after its original release date.

This was just the beginning for Peter Jackson that would later become one of the best movie director in the world. You can kind of see where he was going in this movie. If you can find a copy or a way to watch, then give it a onetime viewing. Enjoy.

Bad Taste (1987) Trailer
Bad Taste (1987) Full Movie

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