Sunday, May 1, 2016

Back on Board Greg Louganis (2014)

Director: Cheryl Furjanic

Stars: Greg Louganis, Ron O'Brien, Kyle David Pierce

Feature-length documentary about the greatest diver of all time. Four-time Olympic champion Greg Louganis has faced more than his share of challenges. In 2011, he is far from the public eye and struggling to pay his mortgage. Now, the openly gay, HIV+ world-class athlete returns to diving to mentor the USA Olympic hopefuls. This may be his best chance to regain the notoriety  and financial stability that he enjoyed at the height of his career.

This documentary takes the audience inside the personal life of Greg Louganis. You get to see what has happened since he came out as a gay man in his book. He opens up about being a middle aged gay man trying to rebuild his life and keep his house.

I really did enjoy watching this. I have been a fan of his since I was young. This is something easy to watch that will not disturb you in any way. Enjoy.

Back on Board Greg Louganis (2014) Trailer

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