Thursday, April 21, 2016

Strapped (2010)

Director: Joseph Graham

Stars: Ben Bonenfant, Nick Frangione, Artem Mishin

A routine trick at a man's apartment propels a cynical hustler into a series of strange and life-changing encounters. He's just out to make some money, one guy at a time. He finds himself lost in a maze-like apartment building. The evening begins with a tryst with a beefy but timid man unused to gay sex. Their session becomes surprisingly tender for both, but time is money. He could not find the exit. His unexpected odyssey leads him to a series of encounters: there is one with a "straight" guy with issues; a cocaine-fueled queen who thinks he knows him; an older man, hidden away in a leaky attic apartment. There is one person in the building that does peak his interest.

The whole time spent watching this movie, you are wondering to yourself "Where is this going?". The movie starts out slow, so you think something big is going to happen the whole time with every single guy he hooks up with. You do not get much from this movie but sex and conversation. I know there is nothing wrong with that at all. I was just hoping for more action in just a little way.

This was not a bad movie. It was somewhat interesting. The beginning of the movie is a bit slow, but it steadily starts to pick up. There is not much of a plot to this movie. It is something to watch that may make you think. Enjoy.

Strapped (2010) Trailer

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