Friday, April 29, 2016

Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)

Director: John R. Cherry III

Stars: Jim Varney, Douglas Seale, Oliver Clark, Noelle Parker, Billie Bird

Santa Claus is looking for his successor, and hapless taxi driver Ernest P. Worrell is just the man to help him out. Traveling to Florida to pass his mantle on to children's show host Joe Carruthers, Santa gets into unexpected trouble, and it's up to Ernest, along with a teen girl named Harmony, to assist Saint Nick with his important mission, or the future of Christmas could be in jeopardy.

This is an odd family Christmas movies starring Ernest. This one of the most popular movies that starred the Ernest character. In case you did not know, the character was from a series of 7-up commercials. This was the second movie of the Ernest character.

In the movie almost everything that Ernest touches, he completely messes it up or destroys it. The movie is filled with slapstick moments and gags for the kids. The story is pretty simple of how Ernest is working on breaking out Santa from a loonie bin to save Christmas.

This is a kind of funny movie. It was really made for kids and families. It has become a holiday classic for many people. I do not think this is a really funny movie. It is more silly than anything else. It is another movie to watch at Christmas. Enjoy.

Ernest Saves Christmas (1988) Trailer

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