Monday, March 7, 2016

Johns (1996)

Director: Scott Silver

Stars: David Arquette, Lukas Haas, John C. McGinley, Wilson Cruz, Keith David, Chris Gartin, Richard Kind, Elliott Gould, Terrence Howard

It's the day before Christmas, the day before John's 21st birthday. He's a prostitute on Santa Monica Blvd in L.A., and he wants to spend that night and the next day at the posh Park Plaza Hotel. He's ripped off a local drug dealer to pay the bill, but as he's sleeping that morning, someone steals his shoes right off his feet, with the money in them. Meanwhile, Donner, a lad new to the streets, wants John to leave the city with him for Camelot, a theme park in Branson, MO, where they'll work as lifeguards. John spends the day trying to hustle the money for the hotel, avoid Jimmy the Warlock, keep his girl friend placated, and figure out how to deal with Donner's friendship.

This is not that terrible of a movie, but it is not a great movie at all. It is what I call watchable. That is all I will give it. This movie came out in the wonderful flood of indie movies of the 90's. It got lost in all of the different titles and all of the gay movies.

The main problem that I had with the movie was David Arquette's character. I just wanted to stomp in his stupid face. He was the biggest idiot that I have seen in a movie in a while. He does nothing but screw up. All he wants is to stay at a hotel on Christmas Eve with this dumb trashy girl. That is a way to shot for the stars. Waste all of your money that you earned on a hotel room  from blowing old men. Lukas Haas character always acted like it was really cool what he was doing for money. It was like he was proud of learning the ropes of being a good hooker.

There were too many scenes that were so amped up that it was not even necessary. I know a lot of the character were on drugs, but it made me come in and out of the story. There was a story to this movie, but I wanted more and them to stay on focus. There were several characters that came in and out of the picture with little or no explanation as to who they were or why they were there. They could have been left out completely and there would not have been any difference in the story. They did not add or take anything away from it.

This is a movie to watch once not anymore than that. The is a story, but something just happened to it. I really do not know what. I'm sure there are several that will really like this movie. Watch it, if you must. You may be one of the ones. Enjoy.

Johns (1996) Trailer

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