Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Jeepers Creepers II (2003)

Director: Victor Salva

Stars: Jonathan Breck, Ray Wise, Nicki Aycox, Tom Tarantini

Stranded on a lonely road, a school bus full of high school basketball players, their coaches, and cheerleaders must defend themselves from the Creeper, a flesh-eating ancient beast that resurfaces on the earth every 23 years to feed. A farmer and his son set out on a personal mission to hunt the Creeper down because he stole his youngest son.

I liked this sequel better than most sequels to other movies. There was not a passing of 23 years from the two movies or in the movie itself, but it's Hollywood, so they can do what they want. There is not that much of a story to this one, but damn it was good. School bus full of high school basketball team and cheerleaders stuck on a lonely country road in the middle of nowhere. That scenario alone is the making for a really good horror movie.

The Creep picks off the adults, and the kids are next to be taken. You see more of the Creep in this one. The transformations that he can do with his body. He can just grow a new part. He is in the "light" move in this movie, so you can see more details in his face and some of his body.

The students on the bus were a bit annoying. The guys were mostly all cocky with some being way too scared like little girls. There was one girl on the bus that had visions about the Creeper. For some reason, there is that one girl that knows or sees it all, but she still sucks.

Look, I really do like this movie a lot. I think it is one of the great horror movie sequels out there. This movie could stand alone by itself. It only makes a few references to the first one, and you would have had to see it to know about it. This is one to add to the collection. Enjoy.

Jeepers Creepers II (2003) Trailer

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