Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hayride (2012)

Director: Terron R. Parsons

Stars: Richard Tyson, Sherri Eakin, Jeremy Ivy

Steven Summers returns home to southern Alabama from college with his girlfriend to attend his Uncle's annual Haunted Hayride. Unaware that an escaped killer is on the loose, Steven will soon face the real life embodiment of PITCHFORK a character his uncle created for the hayride and Steven's childhood tormentor. Steven will soon realize that not all childhood fears are imagined when the legend of Pitchfork suddenly becomes dangerously real.

This is one of the worst horror/slasher movies that I have seen. They are really trying to create a new horror series killer named "Pitchfork". That is not something that you can just do and plan on. It takes a really good horror and the audience to love the killer. That is what the creators of this movie thought that they were going to have was another Jason or Freddy. You just cannot wake up and decide that you are going to create the new multi-million dollar horror franchise. it is not that easy.

The movie is not really good. It is slow as hell. It seems like the movie will not end. It is not even that long of a movie to begin with. The acting is really bad. The production of the movie was pretty low. They should have showed movie of the killings, instead of cut a ways. That annoyed me. If you are going to make a horror movie, you should show the audience what is happening. That is what so many horror fans want. They want the blood and gore.

This was not a great horror movie. The concept for the movie was good, but it just needed more money and better production all around. I would skip this movie, if I were you. It is not worth wasting any time over. I hate to say it. I watched it, so you don't have to.

Hayride (2012) Trailer

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