Friday, March 4, 2016

After the Dark (2013)

Director: John Huddles

Stars: James D'Arcy, Sophie Lowe, Daryl Sabara, Bonnie Wright

When the last day of school comes for a group of students in a philosophy class, their instructor, Mr. Zimit, challenges them to different sorts of exercises that take place in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world. While there, they each get chosen professions and have to decide whether who is valuable or not because the bunker they will be staying in for a year has only enough oxygen for 10 people. Mr. Zimit challenges them in different rounds to see how they could survive. Issues arise when they notice Mr. Zimit is disruptive to the game.

This movie deals with a group of rich students in a philosophy class in Indonesia. You know their parents or somebody had money. Poor kids don't get to do stuff like this. Does this movie even sound interesting? Not at all, and it was not at all. It was one of the most boring movies that I have seen. It is one of those movie that looks interesting on paper, but it should never be made. These kids along with their teacher would sit and just imagine this scenario that he invented for the last day of class. Wow, do that sound like a good movie or what?

There were a few good young actors in this movie, but I guess they are too inexperienced to pick a good script from a bad one. This was a bad one. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. It was just boring as hell. Skip this movie completely. I watch it, so you don't have to.

After the Dark (2013) Trailer

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