Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Marsupials: The Howling III (1987)

Director: Philippe Mora

Stars: Barry Otto, William Yang, Imogen Annesley

Professor Harry Beckmeyer goes searching for a rare breed of werewolf/marsupial in this satirical horror comedy. With his sidekick, Professor Sharpe, they find Jerboa, and take her to Sydney to appear in a small role in a horror film. Soon members of her tribe disguised as nuns try and rescue the she-werewolf. Olga Gorki changes into a lupine monster as she pirouettes on the stage of the Sydney Opera House.

This one had absolutely nothing to do with the first two movies. This one was better than the second one. That is just my opinion. I thought this one was pretty cool. It takes place in Australia for one thing. The werewolves are marsupials. You know with pouches like kangaroos. This is one of the weirdest chapters in the Howling series.

The acting in this movie is not as bad as you would think it would be. The interesting part of the movie is that Nicole Kidman was going to play the part of Jerboa. That would have probably killed her career if would have done it. I bet she is glad that she passed on the role.

The best part of the whole movie is the make-up and special effects. They are so bad, but the best at the same time. For each time there is a transformation, the look of the werewolf looks more plastic and foam based every time. The best were the three nuns that end up being werewolves. That was funny as hell.

This movie really has some weirdness to it, but it is really fun to watch. I have seen this movie too many times, and I never get sick of it. Give this movie a chance, if you can find a copy. Enjoy. 

The Marsupials: The Howling III (1987) Trailer

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