Friday, February 12, 2016

How to Live Forever (2009)

Director: Mark Wexler

Stars: Suzanne Somers, Phyllis Diller, Ray Bradbury, Jack LaLanne, Willard Scott

Director Mark Wexler embarks on a worldwide trek to investigate just what it means to grow old and what it could mean to really live forever. But whose advice should he take? Does a chain-smoking, beer-drinking centenarian marathoner have all the answers? What about an elder porn star? Wexler contrasts these unusual characters with the insights of health, fitness and life-extension experts in his engaging new documentary, which challenges our notions of youth and aging with comic poignancy.

This was really interesting documentary about how to live longer. They interview people that have lived passed the age of 100. They talk about how they live their life. Each one has a different theory and lifestyle. The movie looks into different ways of preserving life and death from burial to being frozen.

This is a movie that is not creepy at all. It has a positive spin on the aging process all over the world. There are even some tips from all of the people that are interviewed that may give some different ideas. Enjoy.

How to Live Forever (2009) Trailer

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