Thursday, February 25, 2016

Boyhood (2014)

Director: Richard Linklater

Stars: Ellar Coltrane, Patricia Arquette, Ethan Hawke, Lorelei Linklater

The joys and pitfalls of growing up are seen through the eyes of a child named Mason, his parents and his sister. Vignettes, filmed with the same cast over the course of 12 years, capture family meals, road trips, birthday parties, graduations and other important milestones.

It took 12 years to complete this movie. This is the first time that a movie has been made in real time. You get to see the actors age and watch the kids grow up and mature. That is the main reason this movie got so much attention. It just had not been done before. During the filming there could have been any type of accident or death that could have occurred in those 12 years. It was a very risky bet to make for one movie.

I'm a fan of Richard Linklater. I have really liked his movies a lot. There is always a type of concept that he places in the movie. This movie was no exception at all. It seemed though it was mostly a concept. The movie was pretty good, but I just would not consider it great. It was pretty neat to see the two children grow into adults. The story was of a divorced couple raising their kids. He is the cool Dad that needs to get things together, and she marries one drunken loser after another. She has the issues.

The movie is really good to watch. There really is not a complaint about it at all. It was a complex movie to make with a simple story to tell. Enjoy.

Boyhood (2014) Trailer

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