Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blue Citrus Hearts (2003)

Director: Morgan Jon Fox

Stars: Joshua Peter Laurenzi, Paul Foster, Alex Booth

Sam and Julian are working class family, Memphis high school students who struggle with their emerging sexual orientation, every day teen stresses, and their own relationship, which seems to be growing into something more than just platonic friendship.

I guess the story for this movie was sweet and all of that, but do we really need another coming out story. I know we do not now, and we did not really need one then. Just be gay and get it over with. The story was not really the problem with the movie. It was interesting. The movie is based and filmed in Memphis, TN. I know the area very well. I know this is a very small indie movie, but give me a break. Did it have to be made so poorly.

First of all, I have never seen camera work and movement this bad before. The camera moves and shifts too much. It is like giving it to a 6 year old to film something. That thing is going to be everywhere. The acting was ok. They said their lines with some emotion. The direction was out the window. Too many times the actors were just staring in the wrong direction doing nothing. The lighting was so bad that a lot of the scenes it was just too dark to tell what was even going on in the movie. If that was done to keep a darker feel for the movie, then you missed the mark completely. The music was too much.

This movie was just a mess that really needed to be cleaned up, but it was not. I would not waste the time to watch this movie again. It just was not really worth it. I watched it, so you don't have to.

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