Thursday, August 6, 2015

Surveillance 24/7 (2007)

Director: Paul Oremland

Stars: Sean Brosnan, Simon Callow, Julian Date

A one night stand with a handsome stranger plunges a respected teacher into a plot of intrigue and espionage in this thriller set in London and shot from the perspective of surveillance cameras placed throughout the city. The morning after meeting a man in a bar and taking him back home for a passionate night, Adam is horrified to learn that his anonymous lover has been brutally murdered. Suddenly Adam is caught in the grip of a scandal that leads all the way to the Royal Family. Upon learning that the victim was in fact the heir to a sprawling media empire, the race is on for Adam to clear his name before he is convicted of a crime he didn't commit.

This movie was so boring that it was not even funny. If there was not any nudity in it, this movie could have been shown on LifeTime late at night, because no one would really want to watch it. The story itself was very interesting, but when it came to a Royal affair between two men, I was just over it. These type of gay movies are normally not good at all. They take a subject matter that has been made to death and substitute another man instead of a woman, and they think that they have a good movie. No, you don't.

If you feel the need to be very bored and desperate for something to watch, then by all means watch this crap. I was just over it not long after the beginning of it. I say skip it. I watched it so you don't have to.
Surveillance 24/7 (2007) Trailer

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