Thursday, July 23, 2015

Terror Train (1980)

Director: Roger Spottiswoode

Stars: Ben Johnson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Hart Bochner, David Copperfield

Three years earlier, Alaina Maxwell, humiliates the class nerd in college during a prep rally by acting like she was going to have sex with him. They placed an old dead body in the bed instead. When the class takes a trip on a train as a graduation party, she goes along with the others partying. Unknowingly, the entire class is being watched from the shadows by an unknown person. The class members start dying along the route, and the conductor, Carne, is the one who keeps finding the bodies. He informs the class that a killer is on the train, but when they can't find him after a sweep, they demand to be let back on. Alaina finds that the killer is after her, and tries to fight him off and stay alive.

This movie is just like so many others in that time period. It is an odd set up for 70's and 80's horror, a nerdy outcast guy gets tricked by the popular kids, feels terrible, and comes back later to kill them all. How many movies can you name with that same set up? It works, but in this case it just did not hold a candle to the rest of those movies. There is nothing remotely scary or frightening in this movie at all, unless you are scared of masks. It is kind of a bland movie.

This movie was suppose to be a jump forward for David Copperfield's career. They wanted him to get more exposure, so he was in this movie as the entertainment. He still had a huge career even though this movie did not do that well. Jamie Lee Curtis was just off of the Halloween movies when she did this one.

This is not a bloody or gory movie at all, but it is something to watch. It is not the best horror movie at all, but it has this strange appeal to it. I still would watch this movie over and over. Enjoy.

Terror Train (1980) Trailer

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