Friday, July 24, 2015

Spring Fever (2009)

Director: Ye Lou

Stars:  Hao Qin, Sicheng Chen, Wei Wu, Zhuo Tan

Jiang Cheng and Wang Ping are lovers, but Ping's wife  hires Luo Haitao  to spy on him.  Jiang Cheng breaks it off with him. Luo Haitao soon becomes sexually obsessed with Jiang Cheng. They all need to find out what and who they want.

This was a interesting movie dealing with most of the male characters longing for Jiang Cheng, who was once a drag queen. There is not dialogue in the movie, just these great shots of China. The camera work seemed a bit shaky in the beginning, but that was what really drew me into the movie, the interesting camera angles. The story was a little too much of who was going to get Jiang Cheng, since there were two different men that wanted him. They tried to throw in another story line with Luo Haitao girlfriend and her boss, but it just did not map out that well for the movie.

This was a good movie, but do not expect a deep and meaningful story. It is all about sex and desire, not much love found in this movie. It is worth watching, if you can handle the subtitles. There are not too many of them. Enjoy.

Spring Fever (2009) Trailer

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