Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trick (1999)

Director: Jim Fall

Stars: Christian Campbell, John Paul Pitoc, Tori Spelling, Brad Beyer, Steve Hayes, Miss Coco Peru

Gabriel is an aspiring Broadway musical writer, and his best friend, Katherine, performs the songs for a group of fellow writers. One night Gabriel sees a go go boy, Mark, on the train home, and they decided to go back to Gabriel's apartment to hook-up. His roommate shows up with his girlfriend, and now the two guys hit the city looking for a place to have sex. While they are looking for a place, the two become closer than they thought they could.

This is one of the sweetest indie gay movies out there. The story is simple with several added characters popping up throughout the movie. Two guys trying to find a place to have sex in New York City, but they can't. You would think there would be tons of places to do the deed in the city, but you also have to think about safety issues and the fact the most of the population walks everywhere. They should have just did it inside a bathroom somewhere or a bathhouse. It is the city.

The cast was mostly newcomers, Christian Campbell and John Paul Pitoc portraying the main couple in question. They were both sweet with the added one was a muscle guy and the other a piano playing Broadway geek. You had these two characters become attracted to one another. The best was Tori Spelling playing a bad actress. She did a good job in the movie. I liked her role and how she portrayed the character. It was nice to see her in an indie movie with how well known she is. It showed that she is not too good for small roles.

Miss Coco Peru is the highlight of the entire movie. The scene is not that long, but it is one of those parts of a movie that just stays with you. It is very funny and campy. Nothing wrong at all with adding her character to any movie at all. I think it should be done more often.

I think this is a movie that you should give a shot, if you have never seen it. It is sweet with a bit of odd romance thrown in for the fun of it. For myself, this movie is a rewatcher. I have seen it several times. Enjoy.

Trick (1999) Trailer

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