Friday, June 5, 2015

Left Behind (2014)

Director: Vic Armstrong

Stars: Nicolas Cage, Lea Thompson, Cassi Thomson, Chad Michael Murray, Martin Klebba

It's pilot Captain Steele's birthday, and his daughter, Hattie, has flown home from college for a surprise birthday party. He takes a flight out to London to spend some time with a stewardess on the flight. Hattie goes home to see her mother, who is now a very religious woman. Religion has slow torn the family apart. During the flight half of the passengers disappear, as well as on Earth. The Rapture has started. On the flight there is another plane without their pilots heading in their direction.

The first time they made this movie it was terrible. One this version they were smart. They threw some money at it, and it worked. This is not the best movie that you will see, but it was pretty good. I was really surprised by that.

The acting and the cast were pretty good. Nicolas Cage was almost the same as he is in most of his movies. The really sad part was the short screen time that they gave Lea Thompson. She had about ten lines in the whole movie. Poor girl. The look of the movie was good, but the special effects and stunts were hit and miss throughout the whole movie.

This is a good movie to watch. I know after I saw it, that it put the fear of God in me. I was just thinking go to church. Enjoy.

Left Behind (2014) Trailer

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