Friday, May 1, 2015

You Belong to Me (2007)

Director: Sam Zalutsky

Stars: Daniel Sauli, Julien Lucas, Heather Simms, Patti D'Arbanville, Sherman Howard

Jeffery has a one nighter with Rene. He is interested in Rene, but it is a one night, and Jeffery doesn't  like it. He sees Rene out and follows him home to only get an apartment in the same building. This pisses Jeffery's roommate Nicki off. While living in the apartment the landlady takes a liking to Jeffery. While Jeffery is remodeling his apartment,  he notices the floor in the may bedroom is rotten, and he starts to hear moaning coming from under the floor. The landlady lives beneath him, but she lives with her companion Stuart who is a deaf mute. Jeffery suspects something is going on in her apartment. He discovers too much.

This movie has a lot going on in it. It is a throwback to the styling of Hitchcock movies. You have the drama with the thrill of a what is going to happen next all throughout the movie. This is not a hard movie to really figure out, but I will not give anything away.

This movie received a lot of bad reviews. I do not know why. It is an indie thriller. There are not that many of those around. For what little the movie cost to make, I think that they did a great job of making this movie as thrilling as they could. The movie unveils slowly giving the audience more and more to want from the movie. It teases at times. It does not just throw the entire story out there at once.

The characters in the movie are great. Jeffery is the good looking guy that wants an instant relationship, after sex comes moving in. Nicki is his best friend and old roommate that knows him better than anyone else, and she still watches over him. Gladys is the landlady that is more like a mother, and she does know where the boundaries are. Stuart is the most odd character, but he keeps the place safe.

The movie is good, but it not a great movie at all. It is worth watching, if you like who done it's or movies close to that. I think you should give it a try, if you can find a copy. Enjoy.

You Belong to Me (2007) Trailer

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