Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pitch Perfect (2012)

Director: Jason Moore

Stars: Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, Skylar Astin, Ben Platt, Anna Camp, Adam DeVine

The Barden Bellas are a collegiate, all-girls a cappella singing group that just lost finals after the lead puked all over the stage during their routine. It is a new year, and the Bellas have lost all of their performers, so they are looking for anyone to join the team. Beca is a freshman that just wants to be a DJ, but her father is making her complete at least one year of college. She joins the Bellas to be more active in college, but One of the lead members of the group Aubrey collides with her. Aubrey is a control freak, but all of the other girls like Beca's ideas more. The girls have got to get back in the Finals to prove themselves.

If the show would have never happened, then this movie would have never been made. In the past when movies were even remotely similar to this, the movie was a flop. Now that mash-up and singing on YouTube is the popular thing to do for the young, it is all of the rage, movies like this are a huge hit.

The movie was good. It was not all of the hype that was going on about it. You knew what was going to happen at almost every single moment of the movie. There was no surprise at all to the movie. The "mash-up" were a bit bad at times. I am not a fan of those as it is. I think it is taking a person music and saying that it could have been better with newer music. The lack of appreciation of music annoys me deeply.
The cast was really good for this movie. IN some ways I think the cast was too good. Anna Kendrick has already proven that she has grow up and can act. She is good in all of her roles, even the early ones. Rebel Wilson is always funny in almost every role she plays. She is young with comedic timing and an air of confidence that is amazing. The role was not enough for her. The rest of the cast was pretty average and good in their roles. The one that sticks out the most for me is Anna Camp. She plays a nasty stuck up bitch in so many roles. She is good at it, but come on.

The male group in this movie was made up of geeky losers that no one really liked. I did like this movie, but it was not as great as it was held up to be. I would watch it again though. If you have been keeping away from this movie thinking that it is mostly for females and young gay guys, then you are right. Still watch it though. Enjoy.

Pitch Perfect (2012) Trailer

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