Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Muck (2015)

Director: Steve Wolsh

Stars: Lachlan Buchanan, Puja Mohindra, Bryce Draper

After escaping an ancient burial ground, long, a group of friends emerge from the thick, marshy darkness, tattered and bloody, lucky to be alive. They have already lost two of their friends in the marsh, presumably dead. They find an empty Cape Cod vacation house and break in to take shelter. The rest of the group learns that the evil in the marsh is not the only thing that wants them dead. Something worse, something more savage, was lying in wait just outside the marsh, in the house. These unlucky travelers spend their St. Patrick's Day trapped between two evils forcing them to fight, die, or go back the way they came.

They really try to make this movie sound like it would be really good to watch, but it is not even close. Above was a paraphrase from the writer and director of the movie. It was hard to even know what in the hell this movie was about. Nothing throughout the movie made any sense at all. It was just flat out confusing. I know there were more nude woman in it than in a porno. A porno at least makes some sense and more entertaining than this movie.

The only good thing that I can say about this movie is the fact that the special effects were really good in it. The blood splattering and all of the gore almost made this movie worth watching, as long if there was a good story attached to it. That was the missing elements to the movie was the story. One weird part about the movie was that it was filmed in 4k. Really? That type of effort was made, but the movie just sucked. They could have had less resolution and threw more money at the script to have a decent movie. What were they thinking.

This is not a movie to waste your time with. Watching painting dry or waiting for mail would be a hell of a lot more fun than watching this crap. Just skip this movie altogether. I watched it so you don't have to.

Muck (2015) Trailer

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