Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Maniac (2012)

Director: Franck Khalfoun

Stars: Elijah Wood, Nora Arnezeder, America Olivo

Frank runs a mannequin shop that is mother owned, until she passed away. A pretty young photographer starts taking pictures of his store windows. She is working on a photo spread featuring mannequins. Frank has been taking women's scalps to make his mannequins seem more real to replace his mother.

This was a remake of a film by the same name in 1980. I do not remember if I saw the first one or not, so I cannot compare the two movies at all. I will just take about this one instead.

You have Frodo in a movie playing a serial killer that cuts the scalp off of these woman and places then on the mannequins in the back of the shop to not be lonely. Nothing sells crazy than that. He is popping pills throughout the movie to calm the voices or whatever is making him kill these woman for a trophy.

The killing and more gorier scenes are really good. It looks like he is really scalping these women. The make-up was there for this movie. The down fall was the movie itself. There were too many times in the movie where it seemed like it just drugged out too much. There were some dead spaces that could have been edited out to make the speed of the movie better. Elijah Wood was good in the movie, but you just could not picture him doing any harm to anyone at all. His face is way too innocent to corrupt. I'm sure that was what they were going for when they cast him for the part. No one would see Wood as a threat in a movie, and it will shock them. At last, it failed to make any one really care.

This is a decent movie to watch, but do not expect a great scary horror movie, because you will be disappointed. Like I said, the killing scenes are great, but they are spread out too far in the movie to keep the emotions high. Enjoy.

Maniac (2012) Trailer

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