Monday, May 4, 2015

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2010)

Director: Joe Cross, Kurt Engfehr

Stars: Joe Cross, Amy Badberg, Merv Cross, Phil Staples

Joe Cross is a successful businessman from Australia with bad health and a debilitating autoimmune disease.  Doctors could only manage the health issues, but they could not cure them. He went on a 60 day juicing diet. He had a juicer and a battery in the back of the vehicle in The United States. He was going to do it in a country known for fast fattening food and obesity. In his journey he meet a truck driver that had the same disease as he has. He helps him along the way.

This documentary was very interesting dealing with how Americans think of food. We are more worried about stupidity than our health. It gives us an eye opener as he interviews random people in the street all over the country. Most of them have the same answer to the same questions asked. The only problem with juicing for small periods at a time is the cost. It is very expensive to do every day. If you have the money and are in bad health then I think it is something that you need to look into.

Seeing this man reach out to another people to help them regain their life. He help this trucker out that needed help. His family gave up on him and he gave up on himself. Joe changed his life just by taking to him and giving him a bit of information. He was able to place an idea in that man head to care about his health again. I love stories like that.

This documentary was very interesting to watch. It is not boring at all. You may learn something just by watching it. This could save someone's life. People need to see this. If you have a friend in bad health or over weight, get them to watch this. It may help them. Enjoy.
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2010) Trailer

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