Friday, May 1, 2015

Clown (2014)

Director: Jon Watts

Stars: Eli Roth, Peter Stormare, Laura Allen, Christian Distefano, Andy Powers

Kent gets a call from his wife that the clown that they hired from their son's birthday party is not showing up. Kent is at a house that he is trying to sell, and there are clothes in one of the rooms. There is a truck that is chained to the wall that contains a vintage clown costume. He arrives to the party as a clown to entertain. He falls asleep in the costume, and he wakes in the morning not able to take the costume off. It has attached to his body. There is a curve on the costume that turns anyone wearing it into a child killer. One man knows how to remove it.

This was an original story for a change. It was not the same old rehashed story that almost ever horror is created out of. There have been clown horror movie before, but not like this one. This one is a little bit more twisted and gory then all of the others out there. If you are scared of clowns, then this movie will defiantly freak you out. The clown in it is really creepy and demonic. I loved that part of it. It is a bit sick.
What in the hell would you do if you put on a costume and you could not take it off by any means? That was the most odd part of the movie. That has not been done in a movie that I know of. The cast is good in this movie, but the supporting cast is completely forgettable, except by their family.

This movie kind of came out of nowhere. I had never heard of it, until it was recommended to me. I liked this movie. I do not want to give anything away about the movie. It has some great scenes in it. Give this movie a watch. I think you will really like it. Enjoy.

Clown (2014) Trailer

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