Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Visions of Sugarplums (2001)

Director: Edward J. Fasulo

Stars: Mark W. Hardin, Edward J. Fasulo, Mary Jean Feton

It is almost Christmas Eve, and Bruce is getting homesick for home. He is from Nashville living with his boyfriend in New York City. Bruce gets a call from his sister that their parents are coming up on Christmas Eve for a surprise visit. He is not out to his father that happens to be a minister or his mother that runs the church. His boyfriend Joey has to stays with a neighbor until his parents leave. This puts a strain on their relationship.

I just made this movie sound like it was really good or at least something to watch. It was like watching a bad home movie hidden camera show. The acting was really bad. Each line was forced out of their mouths. There was no natural flow to the dialogue at any point in the movie, and at some parts the speaking was a bit choppy. The best parts of the movie were the sets, and they were right out of an 80's poor straight couples home.

All of the actual gayness in this movie were not even there. This was New York City people, not the middle of Kansas. What was up with those terrible clothes that the main actors were wearing? They would have been better off if they would of let the actors wear their own clothes, or was that the real problem? The drag queen neighbor was absolutely terrible. What was up with that so not funny routine that she was doing in the bar scene? It was horribly not funny. The boyfriend getting all hurt and going out to find another man to hook up with on Christmas Eve, just because there are issues going on with his man. That idiot would be kick out. That is not a reason to cheat.

This movie is one that I would not even think about watching. There was not point to it at all. It did not move the mind or the soul, just the stomach. Save yourself from the boredom. I watched it so you don't have to. 
Visions of Sugarplums (2001) Trailer

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