Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Save Me (2007)

Director: Robert Cary

Stars: Jeremy Glazer, Chad Allen, David Petruzzi, Judith Light, Robert Gant, Robert Baker

Mark woke up from a drug overdose in the hospital. His brother and mother are there to try and get him to clean up his act. His brother paid for two months stay at Genesis House, Christian-run ministry for gay men to be healed of their drug abuse and homosexuality. Scott, one of the residents at the house, becomes close to Mark and tries to help him along the way. The two men become too close where there are feeling of love. The owner of the home, Gayle, sees Marks as the son that she lost and will not let anyone take him from the path of righteousness.

This movie is about "younger" gay men dealing with their additions issues and trying to be heterosexual. They also throw in the two main characters falling for each other. That would naturally happen in a place like that. A bunch of gay men denying their natural attraction to men living with a bunch of other men just like it. I would suspect a lot of sex going on at night. The rest of the guys want to sleep with Mark as well.

The story was one that needed to be told. It is just bad that the audience was so small. People need to know that these type of religious centers or house that turn people straight do exist. They don't need to, but they do. This movie shines some light on the topic but not enough.

Judith Light doing her part in supporting LGBT issues. She has always been a person that will fight for a good cause. It was really nice to see her in this movie but not surprising at all. The rest of the cast was good but not great. Chad Allen and Robert Gant produced and starred in the movie. They both needed to get their faces out there and their production company.

This is a watchable movie. I have seen better and worse. Like I said the story is good. Give it a shot. Enjoy.

Save Me (2007) Trailer

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