Monday, April 20, 2015

Outing Riley (2004)

Director: Pete Jones

Stars: Pete Jones, Nathan Fillion, Stoney Westmoreland, Dev Kennedy, Julie Pearl, Michael McDonald

Bobby is a 30 year old gay man living in Chicago with his boyfriend Andy. He comes from a large Irish Catholic family, and their father just passed away. Bobby is the youngest son of five siblings with the only girl being the youngest child in the family. The sister, Maggie is the only member of the family that knows that Bobby is gay. He plans on telling his other brothers on their annual weekend fishing trip. Maggie has threaten to out him to their brothers, if he does not do it. Andy is tired of living in a shadow when it comes to his family. Bobby has to come out or lose his boyfriend.

Pete Jones was the winner of the first Project Greenlight . For this movie is did the triple threat as in writer, director and starred in the movie. It is something that normally does not work, but this time it did. He made a light warm-hearted gay movie about family and acceptance. The story was great, the cast worked so well for the movie. The movie was really funny. Dialogue was on point with good dry puns and one liners.

Nathan Fillion was great as the buddy brother that loved to smoke pot. He is normally good in all that he does. Michael McDonald was the one surprise in the movie. He is known for his run on MadTV for all of the funny characters that he portrayed. In this movie, he was not funny at all. He had a more serious role as the boyfriend. He was good in the movie, but I was just waiting for him to be funny.

This movie was about being gay in a big religious family, and how difficult it can be. Not everything works out like it is suppose to in family, but he makes the best of it. It was nice to see a family of sidling that got along with each other instead of fighting. This is a movie I think you should defiantly check out. It is touchy at times and really funny. It will not change your life, but it will put a smile on your face. Enjoy.

Outing Riley (2004) Trailer

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