Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Green Plaid Shirt (1996)

Director: Richard Natale

Stars: Gregory Phelan, Kevin Spirtas, Richard Israel, Jonathan Klein

It's 1978 and before the AIDS crisis, Phillip meets Guy at a yard sale of a friend. Guy buys a green plaid shirt, but Guy starts to try the shirt on while Guys is paying for it. Later on, Phillip is at a cafe wearing the shirt, and Guy enters noticing the shirt and Guy. They begin an open relationship, so there will be less temptation on one of them cheating. Guy and some friends of Phillip end up with AIDS. Their relationship takes a turn for the worse. Phillip has to learn to be alone and deal with the fact of losing his friends to disease.

This movie was good back in the day, but for now, it just seems like another bad AIDS movie. There were several of these movie in the 90's. Most of them were good with different takes on the problems in the era, but this one was just another regurgitated story from other movies.

You get to see each one of them cheat or try to cheat on each other. They fight and argue till the end of their relationship. The character of Guy is nothing but a self absorbed ass. He is always looking for the next best thing to come along. It's very L.A. Phillip is mainly a good guy that lets this asshole walk all over him, but when life gets bad for Guy, Phillip is just suppose to help him out and deal with it.

You can tell by watching this movies that it is nothing more than a small budget gay indie movie from the 90's. The story and the narration gives the whole movie away. There were a lot of movies with narration included from the main character. The cast was good. Kevin Spirtas was mostly known from doing horror movies and from his good looks soap opera. He came out and started doing indie gay movies. Bravo for him.

This is an okay movie that is very predictable to watch. If you see it on or find a copy to somehow watch, then you may want to. Other than that, it is a movie that could be watched. Enjoy.

Green Plaid Shirt (1996) Trailer

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