Monday, April 20, 2015

Final Prayer (2013)

Director: Elliot Goldner

Stars: Gordon Kennedy, Robin Hill, Aidan McArdle

A few investigators from the Vatican are sent to a small town in England to report of supposed unusual happenings inside an old church. The current priest believes that the building is haunted by spirits, but the team thinks that the priest making everything up to draw attention. After recording some strange happening in the building at night, the team starts to research the entire area. They find that the ancient history of the land is older than Christianity.

I'm just going to be honest about this movie. It is boring, boring, boring, boring. I read other reviews on this movie about how creepy and scary it it. They must be five or watching a whole other movie. The story has been done too many times and by better people. There was just too much talk about the "actors" wearing head cameras to document everything. Who the hell care. Most of the dialogue in the movie was pretty dull. It was like listening to an old man and middle-age geek talk about anything. As I said, boring.

People say ignore the fact that it is a found footage movie, but how can you. It looks like all of the other bad ones out there. Nothing really going on in the movies till the very end. You are just sitting there watching a lot of video footage with nothing going on until it gets close to the movie. Something happens then, but after sitting for so long with nothing to keep you interested, you don't even care what happens any more.

The one interesting question that I have never heard brought up is How do they get this footage? In all of these found footage movies that is the one topic that is left out. Like in this movie, how did they get it? Make you wonder. Skip this movie. Do yourself a favor. I watched it so you don't have to.

Final Prayer (2013) Trailer

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