Monday, April 20, 2015

Defying Gravity (1997)

Director: John Keitel

Stars: Daniel Chilson, Niklaus Lange, Don Handfield, Linna Carter

Griff and Bradley are in the same fraternity, but Bradley now lives off campus. They are seeing each other under the radar from the rest of the brothers. Bradley wants to more open about the relationship, but Griff is still deep in the closet. One night the meet up in town at a gay coffee shop, they get into a fight and leave. Bradley is gay bashed in the parking lot behind the building. Griff has to deal with his feelings for Bradley and the other brothers in the house.

For the later 90's and for this being an indie movie, it was not a bad movie. The story was simple and to the point. Frat boys need to stop hiding in the Being young and in love but at the same time being terrified if anybody found out, and your boyfriend gets bashed in the head. You know, that kind of story. The one you tell your kids at night.

This movie tries to show how stupid college people can be when dealing with a person that is different from the rest of the crowd. They are either overly relatable or scared to death. It is so stupid the reactions in the movie. Two of the brothers act if would be ok to go and see Bradley in the hospital, and they can't go alone. If the muscle heads when to see a gay man in the hospital, they might get raped. It was a stupid line to put in the movie, but the sad thing is that type of reaction is more common than you would think.

The movie is good, but the acting needed a lot of work. A few of the extras knew how to deliver lines, but it was the main characters that were the main ones that were forcing out their lines. The movie is still worth watching, just don't expect the best movie ever. It is not that at all. It is just a little lost movie that was ignored in the 90's. Enjoy.

Defying Gravity (1997) Trailer

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