Monday, March 16, 2015

Torch Song Trilogy (1988)

Director: Paul Bogart

Stars: Anne Bancroft, Matthew Broderick, Harvey Fierstein, Brian Kerwin, Karen Young, Ken Page

It's the 70's, Arnold Beckoff is getting ready to go on stage. He's a performer, but not an actor. He is a drag queen that works regularly at a carburet bar in New York City. This is the story of his life. Arnold meets Ed, a bisexual school teacher, who he is in and out of love with. In between one of the outs, Arnold meet Alan, the one that Arnold really falls in love with. In the middle of everything that happens in his life, his mother is there to chim in with her opinion and outlook on each events in his like.

This movie is based on the play written and starring Harvey Fierstein, in which he did the same for the movie. The performances in this movie are great. It should have gotten Oscar nods, but it was an indie gay movie in the late 80's. That is a no no. Matthew Broderick was still building his career during this time. A move like this would normally kill an actor's career. They are labeled gay, whether it is true or not. Just from playing a gay role. People were ridiculous then. Harvey Fierstein was always an out and proud working gay actor, but he was type casted in gay roles only for the rest of his career. He is mainly a writer. Anne Bancroft was the show stealer. Her performances deserved her a golden statue. You believe ever single word that she was saying. It was more like real life than words on a page. I think it was one of her best performances.

A great movie that just kind of disappeared over the years. If you can find it to watch, then by all means watch it. The movie is not really sad nor does it deal with AIDS. It is just a tale of a man looking for love and dealing with his mother. Lots of people can relate with that. Enjoy.

Torch Song Trilogy (1988) Trailer

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