Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Wedding Banquet (1993)

Director: Ang Lee

Stars: Winston Chao, May Chin, Ya-Lei Kuei, Sihung Lung, Mitchell Lichtenstein

Wai-Tung Gao is a landlord in Manhattan living with his partner Simon. Mrs. Gao has been signing Wai-Tung up on dating services to find him a wife.  His parents are flying a young woman to meet him. His parents do not know that he is gay. To keep his parents off his back, Wai-Tung has a broke female Chinese tenant,  Wei-Wei, that needs a green card. She agrees to marry him. Wai-Tung's parents tell him that they are coming to visit for two weeks. His parents bring money for the wedding and over the top wedding banquet. They all have to figure out how to make his parents believe that all of this is real.

This was Ang Lee second film, and it was one of his best. This movie had a small budget for the most beautifully shot and set decorated movie that I have seen. He brings you into a Chinese wedding banquet including all of the traditional customs before and after the banquet. The banquet is a large part of the movie, and looks like it would be exhausting to go through. I was wondering if they even knew a tenth of those people. If they did they would know that it was all a scam. You saw the gay couples almost laughing during the festivities. All of the Chinese guests saw it as a real wedding. See he was not friends with any of them.

The story has been told so many times before, but the way this movie was shot made it seem like a new story. You could feel the tension in all of the conversations that Wai-Tung and with Simon. That type of situation would put a huge amount of stress on a relationship. You could tell that was happening. Then you have the poor girl caught in the middle of all of this drama for a green card. I'm sure she thought that it would be easy. The parents sit there while all of this arguing is going on thinking that they have stayed there too long. So much confusion, just so you do not bring shame to your family.

The acting and scripting made this movie, along with the director. This is a movie that is well deserved a watching. I thought this movie was great especially for the time period. I do not think that you will disappointed. Enjoy.

The Wedding Banquet (1993) Trailer

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