Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sordid Lives (2000)

Director: Del Shores

Stars: Delta Burke, Bonnie Bedelia, Olivia Newton-John, Kirk Geiger, Newell Alexander, Sarah Hunley, Beau Bridges, Earl Houston Bullock, Beth Grant, Leslie Jordan

In Texas, a family is getting ready for a funeral. Sissy's sister died because she tripped on a pair of wooden legs owned by G.W. Nethercott. They were having an affair at a local motel. G.W.'s wife, Noleta, comes over to Sissy for comfort and food. Sissy's nieces, LaVonda and Latrelle, have come over to fight about what their momma is going to buried in. There brother, Brother Boy, is in the local mental hospital because he is a cross dresser. Latrelle's son, Ty, is an actor living in Hollywood. He is having trouble dealing with his gayness. This family is getting ready for a meltdown before the funeral.

This a play by Del Shores. This is a funny movie. I have never seen the play, but I have heard it is great. It seemed like it was shot in a week and maybe it was. For such a loved play you would think that the movie would have been bigger, but it was not. When it came out, I did not know of anyone else that had even heard of it.

The cast for this movie was wonderful. My favorite in the movie was Beth Grant. Is there nothing she is not good at. I love her. I think she is one of the most entertaining women in the business. Now the one badness in the movie was Olivia Newton-John's accent. It was terrible. She sounded like herself with a cold. She could not do a Southern or Texan accent for nothing. There is a difference in the two. All of the scenes with Ty in Hollywood could have been completely left out for me. It seemed to take you out of the movie. The drama with the family and the funeral was the best parts of the movie.

I loved this movie, and if you watched it you will too. If you can find a copy by all means do it. Enjoy.

Sordid Lives (2000) Trailer

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