Sunday, March 1, 2015

Otis (2008)

Director: Tony Krantz

Stars: Tarah Paige, Bostin Christopher, Ashley Johnson, Illeana Douglas, Daniel Stern, Jere Burns, Kevin Pollak, Jared Kusnitz

Otis is a 40-year-old loser, that works delivering pizzas at a 24 hour parlor, wants to be his older brother. The older brother Elmo played football and had the cheerleader wife, Kim. Otis accidently kills a young girl that he has kidnapped, so he goes out to look for another. While out delivering pizzas, he meets Riley, a young blonde pretty high school girl. He comes back to her house to get her. After she escapes, her parents look to take revenge on the man that hurt their little girl, or at least try to.

I had my doubts about this movie, but I can tell you that the movie is so much better than I planned it to be. It is not a horror movie, but more of a crime movie really dark comedy. The movie is almost a fantasy of what the parents would want to do to the person that stole their child. There is not blood or torture in the whole movie. Just the suggestion of it.
Here is the creepiest part about the whole movie, Otis. Think about how many people you have met or the people you have seen in your life that is like Otis. There are more men out there with thoughts and actions like his going through their minds than you could ever imagine. That is the really scary part of the movie.

The character of Otis was that sad guy you went to high school that never had a thing, but what all of the high school glory that you see on TV and movies. He wanted his brother's life. He seemed like a loser as well. He was almost 50 and working security somewhere. The parents were the highlight of the movie. Normal people plotting to kill a man with the mother coming up with all of the ideas herself. That was the best dialogue in the movie.

The cast and story were great, for what it was. This was not a huge big movie. It was small and barely made a blink in the eyes of viewers. It is worth watching. Hell, watch this one instead of this other garbage they are making. Enjoy.

Otis (2008) Trailer

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