Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Into the Storm (2014)

Director: Steven Quale

Stars: Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh, Max Deacon, Nathan Kress

In Silverton, OK, they are getting ready for their high school graduation. There is also a storm chaser team in the area working on completing a documentary in hopes of getting the limelight. A storm comes to town that produces a super tornado with several other tornadoes. People in the town have to head for safety, before the storm hits them. All of the people at the school are sitting in the path of the tornado.

They really tried to included a few sub stories in the movie. Some of them kind of worked, while the other were just a waste of time. If they really wanted more drama and relationship time, then the movie would have been even longer. You have the storm chasers trying to get a large tornado on film, and one of the crew is just wanting to get back to her daughter.  Donnie skips filming the graduation ceremony to help a girl in class that he really likes film some footage. Think if they would have added maybe  twenty more minutes to the movie, then the extra story lines would have worked out better.

Most people have seen the movie Twister, and most would think that this was a remake or just another big budget knock off. You would be partially right. The main difference is this movie is one hundred times more intense and power than the other movie. There was stuff flying all over this movie. You start off with one tornado, then it moves to many tornadoes tearing up the land. The biggest and baddest tornado forms to destroy everything in its path. It was crazy to watch. This is a movie that would be amazing to see in 4D. I could not even imagine how intense that would be.

Like I said, there really is not much of a story to this movie, but they did try to include something of substance. This is a good visual movie. I recommend watching it, just for the fact of all of the craziness going on. Enjoy.

Into the Storm (2014) Trailer

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