Saturday, March 21, 2015

Chronicle (2012)

Director: Josh Trank

Stars: Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan, Ashley Hinshaw

Andrew is a lonely, shy teenager that is abused by his father and his mother is dying. He really has no friends, but his cousin, Matt, hangs out with him. Matt is a popular kid that gets invited to parties, so he drags Andrew to one. Matt and his friend Steven find a cave out in the woods, so they grab Andrew who always has a video camera with him over to film inside the cave. The three guys get hit by some type of energy that gives them powers. They had increased strength, they could fly and they could movie objects with their minds. This power trip that these guys were on was all fun and games, until Andrew made a truck run off the road into a lake. He almost killed the man. Between being bullied by his father and most of the kids at school, Andrew takes things way too far. He takes these powers and turns on everyone that has ever hurt him. He is consumed with rage.

This movie was a good concept, but the characters were the real let down. These guys were total douchebag brotastic asses. The main character Andrew was the I'm so alone and dark brooding type. Okay, he was being abused by his father and his mother was dying. I get it. That will not put a person in the best side of life and popularity. It was too much with little explanation. Some of it could have been left out. We really did not need the little clips of broken information. The other two guys were kind of asses. Matt was the good looking wanting to get the girl, but with the looks that he had, he would not have any trouble with getting her. He just needed to act better. It would be that easy. Then you have Steven, who is the athlete, and he acts like everybody wants him, and he is the coolest guy in school. Those are the ones that are secretly hated the most. There was another video blogger, Casey, that is the girl that Matt is after. She was mentioned so little that it seemed like an afterthought to add a girl for him to chase. It took up space in the movie for no reason.

The movie was watchable and enjoyable, for the most part. It was just the characters that really annoyed me. The movie looked really cool, and the special effects were great. There just seemed to be something missing from the movie. I don't know what it was. I do know what did bother me was all of the hand held camera work. I wish these idiots would stop with this crap. It is good to watch once. Enjoy.

Chronicle (2012) Trailer

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