Monday, February 23, 2015

The Killer Nun (1979)

Director: Giulio Berruti

Stars: Anita Ekberg, Paola Morra, Alida Valli, Joe Dallesandro

Sister Gertrude is the head nun in a hospital. She has discovered that she has a brain disease, so to be able to handle the pain she starts injecting morphine. While self medicating taking daily shots, her mental and moral capacity starts to slip. The nun starts to go out in the village in normal clothing, drinking and picking up men for sexual flaunts in lobbies. Gertrude begins to cross the ultimate line, and she starts to murder some of the patients in the hospital.

You are entering into the world of Italian horror, my first one to review. If you like you movies without a real reason or a why, then you will like this movie. This movie watches as if you entered into a theater late and leave a little early. The movie watches like it is a section out of a longer movie. That is not necessary a bad thing.

The story is a bit out there, especially for the time period, but all over the world the movie industry was breaking out of all of the barriers that were placed on them. This movie is an example of movie taking you to the forbidden. A drug addicted nun drink and whoring around with strangers starts to murder sick old people in a hospital. Now that is how to do it. Sister Mathieu wants to dive into her crotch so bad that takes orders from her with a smile and a heated loins.

I wish there were some woman on woman crotch grinding. It would have just completed the movie. That whole sad seduction with no chance of getting lesbian sex was a letdown to all of the straight oily geeky guys watching this movie in hopes of horror titty gratification. You get to see some, but not the way you wanted them, sorry guys. It all seemed like a Swedish Exotica soft-core horror movie. No real sex or scares. Speaking of sex and nudity, Joe Dallesandro is in this movie. He was in the Warhol and in Paul Morrissey movies. He keeps his pants on in this movie. Pity.

The main reason that I really like Italian horror movies, is that they always go too far. I like that so much. The death are over the top and at times beautiful. Gertrude completely destroyed a old woman's false teeth in this one. Now only did she step on them, she did not stop until they were in pieces all over the floor. This is an odd movie, but something good to watch. I hope you check this movie out. Enjoy.

The Killer Nun (1979) Trailer

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