Monday, February 9, 2015

Camp (2003)

Director: Todd Graff

Stars: Don Dixon, Daniel Letterle, Joanna Chilcoat, Robin de Jesus, Sasha Allen, Anna Kendrick, Stephen Sondheim

A musical theater summer camp in New York is getting a guest music director Bert Handley, whom has been binge drinking after writing a series of flops. These kids that come to this camp every year see this place as home where they fit in. They are mostly poked at and made fun of in their normal lives. A new guy comes to camp, Vlad, a straight guy. All of the young gay boys want him and so do the girls. All of the kids get together to work with the music that Bert Handley brought with him to camp.

This movie has several different smaller stories through the movie. Each one of the kids has a story and a back story to tell. The smaller stories in the movie really carries the story. This is not a great movie, but it is a really good movie. The acting was god and solid from each person. The sets could have been better, but this movie was filmed at a real musical theater camp in upstate New York that the creators attend as a youth. You really do get the realness of the movie from the camp.
The music performed in the movie was taken from older musicals, mostly from the 70's. I am not a fan of musicals, but this movie turned me on to the music in this movie. It was the cast doing just a great job of singing these songs. I sing along when I watch the movie.

Anna Kendrick's role really sticks out for me in this movie. She was the real break out star of this movie. The rest of the cast did not work that much after this movie, but any way. Anna's performance was bitchy and deadpan. I loved it. Daniel Letterle's performance was kind of weak in places, but he is so good to look at that it does not really matter. The rest of the cast was great. I wish they would have gotten more work. Some of those kids had great singing voices.

I really do like this movie a lot. I love the music that was picked, and the cast did a great job of performing it. I think this is a movie to add to your collection. It is slow at times, but a lot of movie do that. Enjoy.

Camp (2003) Trailer

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