Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Prometheus (2012)

Director: Ridley Scott

Stars: Noomi Rapace, Logan Marshall-Green, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce

The year is 2093, a group of explorers and archaeologists are on a mission paid for by a the Weyland Corporation are looking for the creation of humans.  One of the archaeologists discovered an ancient star pattern, so they are all going to see if they can find who created humans and why they created us.  Meredith Vickers is running the show for Weyland.  She is just in it for the money.  The team enters into an enormous cave, and they find a spaceship containing bodies.  Also in the cave is a gigantic head surrounded by capped vases.  They is something that is living in those vases that destroyed the "blue people".  A few members of the crew become to the ship sick.

This movie was completely unnecessary for the Aliens series.  It added very little to the story, but it did added many more questions to the story.  This movie was made for nothing but profit.  You have these blue people that made humans, but they were killed by Aliens, but where did the blue people come from?  This movie solves nothing, but it just opens more, so that they can make a sequel.
The whole discussion about the difference in advanced technology in this move and the previous films is dumb.  This movie is a prequel to the movie Alien, right.  On the ship's control panel in the first movie, it looks like they are using a giant Light Bright.  It was literally Christmas lights in painted peg board that they used for the panels.  In this movie there are holographic 3-D imagery that is so beyond anything, and it was before Alien, gotcha.  The argument is that there was more money supplied to the mission in the movie than the others.  If you would have taken all of the money that existed at the time period of the Alien, you still would not have be able to create technology like that.  That is all I'm saying.
If this would have been a movie all to itself, stood alone or the beginning of a new series, this would have been a good movie.  Comparing this to the other 4 Alien movies, it just does nothing for it, but maybe the next one will do more.  There has been lots of complains about this very subject.

If you are religious then this more will offend you.  They are saying in a way that there is no God.  This movie praises the crazies of Scientology.  The movies makes claim that we were created by aliens, instead of God or a god.
The movie looks amazing.  The cast was there and, the sets were interesting and sharp.  What else do you expect from Ridley Scott.  You get a great looking movie every single time.  The script might not be the best, but the cast and total creation is dead on.

As you can tell I liked the movie on its own, but it did nothing for the continuing story line, yet.  Give it a watch, but I only knew of one person that liked it.  We' will have to see what the next one brings us.  Enjoy.

Prometheus Trailer

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