Sunday, January 5, 2014

Morgan (2012)

Director: Michael D. Akers

Stars: Leo Minaya, Jack Kesy, Benjamin Budd

Morgan is a champion cyclist, whom only always wants to win.  After a terrible accident during a race, he landed on a large rock and broke his back leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.  He feels like his life is over.  While riding past a basketball court, he meets Dean and they hit it off instantly and start dating.  Morgan wants to compete in a race, and spends all the money he has for a sports wheelchair.  His mother, doctor and even Dean want him to call it off, but he is determined to win another race somehow.  This drives everyone away from him.  He has to learn that he is not a loser and overcome his new challenges.

This was defiantly a different gay movie.  There were no clubs, drugs, no one in drag and mention of AIDS at all in the whole movie.  Morgan does a great job of pushing people away and feeling sorry for himself through most of the movie.  Dean is the idea boyfriend.  He is nice, kind and caring.  He puts up with Morgan's crap.  The rest of the cast could have been played by anyone.  They did not really stand out or have too much screen time. 

It was just nice to see a gay movie with some diversity.  Gay people get into accidents and scary shit happens to them too.  Are they suppose to live the rest of their life loveless and alone?  This tries to tap into that ignored sub-minority.  For what it was worth, the movie is pretty good.  It is simple and to the point, but the Dean character does not exist and look like!  Enjoy.
Morgan (2012) Trailer

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