Saturday, January 4, 2014

Everyone (2004)

Director: Bill Marchant

Stars: Katherine Billings, Michael Chase, Matt Fentiman, Mark Hildreth, Brendan Fletcher

It's Ryan and Grant's Commitment Ceremony, and it seems like nothing is going right.  The guys are complaining back and forth about why they are even doing this.  It is the anniversary of the death of Grant's nephew, and the first time the men met.  Ryan's mother shows up with Dylan, teenager that she found at the bus stop, but he ended up answering the door for the guests.  The entire guest list is all family.  Both sides of their families are having major problems of their own.  None of them needing to deal with a "wedding" right now.

There is way too much going on in this movie.  It keeps going from Ryan and Grant to one of the family members' story.  There are several different mini-stories going on in this movie that make absolutely any difference to the story.  You could have left all of them out and still have the main story.  After the guests get to the house their own stories almost just disappear, except for a few they keep dragging along.  The story of the mother bring the teenager was better than all of the others.  It could have been a movie about that dealing with a wedding party.  That would have been more interesting.

Watch this if you will.  It is listed as a comedy, but it is nothing but a drama.  Not a very good drama, but if you have nothing else to watch.  I watched it so you don't have to.

Everyone (2004) Trailer

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